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Weight Vest – Adjustable Weighted VestCustomer Rating – Top RatingZFO Weight VestThis ZFO Weight Vest has had some great reviews from virtually everyone that has purchased this weighted vest.

It has an excellent design with durability in mind, and fits snugly against your body. The fit is important for any weighted vest for even weight distribution. It has adjustable straps and is regarded as a one size fits all piece of exercise equipment. This ZFO weight vest has a maximum weight of 40 pounds. There are 16 weights altogether which come with this weight vest, each one weighing 2.5 pounds.Get The ZFO Weighted Vest at a Huge Discount Here…vest is going to last you a very long time because of the durable materials that are used. It doesn’t matter whether your goalis to lose weight or improve fitness. This weighted jacket will help you to get there faster.The ZFO weight Vest can be used in numerous ways.

You can just wear it going about your daily activities, and it is going to help you to burn more calories and improve your muscle endurance, and this is without even doing a full blown workout. For the fitness enthusiast it is a great way of adding extra resistance to your workouts. You can use a weight vest for running, hill walking, push ups, sit ups, riding a bike, and almost any other physical activity.If you have never used a weighted vest before, then the ZFO weight vest should be on the top of your list.

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Got my vest on time on 2/28/2011, started with 10lbs and have worked up to 20lbs in just 2 weeks. I ran my usual 4 to 5 miles without the vest just today, and I killed it! My running has improved so much, I run much faster and I am lighter on my feet. This is awesome to do push ups in and abs. I think this is an amazing product and pretty much been suggesting it to all my rugby teammates. I totally recommend the ZFO Weight Vest if you want to get a harder workout and/or lose weight.

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