Simple Tricks to Declutter your Home Easily

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This article is all about decluttering home and yes  I know a lot of you are really into decluttering these days and as you may have experienced yourself it’s not always easy. So in this article, I thought I’d give you some tips on how to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to let go of all your excess clutter. I will be talking about five things that can make decluttering difficult and how to deal with them so you’ll be able to make it easier for yourself to let go of things and feel relaxed about it too plus I’ll also share three things that I had a difficult time with and how I dealt with them later on.

Following are the best ways to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t:

1.     Gift Items

 let’s get started first up our items that were gifts. A lot of you have asked me what do I do with items that I got as a present and it’s totally understandable because you appreciate the other person for giving you something and you don’t want to hurt their feelings by not keeping it but the thing you have to keep in mind is when someone gives you a present they want to give you something that you love, they bought it with you in mind and once they have given it to you their part is over. It is up to you at that point what you want to do with it and of course you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. So you keep the present around kind of presenting. It may be wondering what you’re gonna do with it, where you’re gonna store it and hopefully find a way in which the item is causing you the least amount of trouble but is that what you think will really make the other person happy. So a good way to think about this is to flip the script. Imagine yourself buying a present for someone and even with your best of intentions the other person doesn’t really love it and then imagine a year later this person is still storing your present never having used it feeling kind of guilty about getting rid of it maybe even only bringing it out when you come to visit doesn’t really make you feel good. You would want this person to be happy and not feel guilty about getting rid of the item and if you knew you would probably even tell this person it is okay you can exchange it you can do something else with it and that’s how you can feel about it too. So what you can do instead is of course thank them and take some time to reflect on the gift and thinking about giving it a new purpose you will feel better about it this way instead of just tossing it of course. So we gift it, donate it, exchange it, return it . Find a way in which the item is put to its use the person who gave it to you loves you and they want the best for you. It is truly okay.

2.     Insane Items

 second one on our list in case items what if I might need this Sunday. I better hang on to it. Does that sound familiar having lots of physicians? Can somehow make us feel safe? We like to hang on the things because it makes us feel like whatever happens in the future we will have the exact right item to deal with that situation. If there ever comes a time where we need 40 pairs of takeout chopsticks we will be ready. We’ve prepared for everything and that can make us feel like we’re in control but fast forward about 10 years and we will have accumulated an insane amount of stuff. So there’s a few things you can do and the easiest one is to declutter your duplicates. You don’t need three teapots for example one is enough and what if it breaks while you deal with that situation if and when it ever comes to that you would be amazed. How many duplicates I’ve decluttered that I have never missed once? I’ve gotten rid of them. Second one isn’t maybe pile it’s somewhere between yes and no when it comes to decluttering if you have an item and you’re wondering if you’re gonna use it or if you’re gonna regret getting rid of it then store it in a box somewhere in your maybe pile for around six months and then set a note in your calendar to check back after that time if you’ve never had the urge to use it in the six months then it is time to let go of it and you won’t have to worry about regretting getting rid of it and a third thing is to realize that almost no situation is insurmountable if there there comes a time where you need the item you can always just get it then or borrow it from someone trust me things will work themselves out.

3.     Sentimental Items

 Things that are sentimental that hold a lot of memories can be really difficult to let go of and if you ask me this is where letting go truly becomes an art. They feel nostalgic to us or they remind us of certain times in the past and going through these items can even make us really emotional and stop us in our tracks. Maybe some feeling surface that you don’t really know how to deal with or want to deal with because sentimental items are not just inanimate objects to us, they hold more value. Firstly, I just want to say that you don’t have to get rid of all your sentimental items. I personally think it’s okay to keep the ones that are truly important to you, that said there are some things, that you can do to go through these things and separate the ones that truly matter from the ones that are just cluttering up your space.

Following are the tips to clutter sentimental items:

 First Tip

It  is to take your time and take small steps. If you’re halfway through and it’s getting to be too much for you do the rest some other time.

Second Tip

It is to realize that even though the object is real and tangible and it represents a memory, it is not the memory itself. The memory will always stay with you even if you get rid of the item.

 Third Tip

I always find it really helpful to take a picture of something that has sentimental value to me like old report cards or old concert tickets whatever it is because this way you’ll know that you will always be able to look at it whenever you want but with sentimental items I feel the most important thing is to distinguish the truly important ones from the rest. If you have a box with sentimental items that you store under your bed or in storage space and you never actually take them out to look at them then what good does it? Do to hold on to them remember you will still be the same person with the same feelings and the same memories without these things.

4.     Too Overwhelming

number four when decluttering becomes too overwhelming as with anything we do big overwhelming goals can make us not want to start something at all. If you’ve never really declutter before it taking a look around your house and seeing all the stuff that’s there can make it seem like it’s too much. You might even think this could take me ages or where would I even start understandable but also fixable what really helps is to start small. So take action but keep it easy and manageable. Don’t decide to declutter your entire living room at once but do one drawer and don’t decide to declutter your entire wardrobe at once but start by only going through your socks or your jeans and after finishing your task you can do one of two things you can appreciate your newly organized drawer and do another one tomorrow or you can continue on and do the next one immediately because sometimes decluttering and feel so great it will make you want to continue I know it’s a cliche but it’s really true working on a big goal in small steps is a great way to get there and often times more effective than trying to do it all at once.

5.     Identity Items

Lastly, letting go of identity items. it’s strange but it’s true items can definitely seem to us like part of our identities it can identify who we are or who we want to be or the dreams and visions. We had of ourselves in the past and decluttering can suddenly start to mean a lot more than just getting rid of an item because it means saying goodbye to a part of ourselves and then we have to start thinking about if you’re ready to do that examples of this can be clothes that represent a family self or music equipment because we always thought we would learn to play them sometime in the future or books from a study that you didn’t get around to finishing and when deciding whether or not to get rid of these items it can get really emotional and it can even feel a bit like grieving the tip here again is to take it easy and take slow steps get all the items out and look at them for a while what kind of feelings start to come up. I know it can be difficult but trust me it can also be really freeing and cathartic to let some of this stuff go. It all comes down to are you able to say goodbye to some of these items that represent something by realizing that they are in fact just items and you will still be 100% yourself. If you let go of some of these things that are lingering on plus if and when there ever comes a time where you want to take up that hobby again or you want to start dressing differently again, you always can. It’s not forever you will have many more identities in life some we keep, some we let go of but they have always served us well by creating beautiful memories for us to look back upon.

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