Mood Changing Tricks which Work Absolutely Well

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In this article, we will talk about five easy things that you can do to brighten your mood_ brighten your day. We all have those days occasionally when we’re just not feeling our best for whatever reason. Sometimes there isn’t even a reason for it. You’re just feeling kind of difficult and these things work really well for me whenever I feel like that but they also work wonders if you’re already having a good day to brighten your mood even further and to spread some sunshine to those around you.

1.     Go for a Walk

You can brighten your mood by going for a walk. It’s super easy and super effective. You can just go for walk through your neighborhood or a little bit further. Maybe there’s a park nearby that you can go to but really it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you’re outside getting some fresh air. It can really boost your mood and not just the fresh air but also the physical act of walking itself releases all kinds of happy things in our bloodstream that make us feel better of course. If you can walk somewhere where there’s beautiful nature and lots of sunshine, it’s always the most pleasant option but I am  in the Netherlands now and I don’t know if you know about this place but it rains a lot here honestly but I can just take my umbrella or wear like a hoodie if it’s light.

2.     Smile at Strangers

The thing which you can do while walking is smiling at strangers. This is a super small thing but it’s more effective than you might think because not only will it leave you feeling more social and more positive, it will probably also boost the other person’s mood and often they will smile back at you leaving you feeling like you’ve contributed something positive to someone even as small as it is this can feel really good and as the same with walking. The simple act of smiling can also be already effective because it signals to our brain that we’re feeling happy and so long as we’re talking about contributing something positive to other people’s lives.

3.     Give Someone a Present

 I always find it really effective to lift my mood by giving someone a present. I don’t know about you but when I have a present lying around for someone, I always get really happy waiting you know to give it to them because I know that they will be totally surprised and happy with it and that makes me happy and it doesn’t even have to be an actual gift. You can also just surprise someone like surprising your partner with a special home-cooked dinner or writing a handwritten letter and sending it to a friend or a relative or sending them a really sweet card or some flowers whatever. It is seeing how you’ve brightened the other person’s day always does a trick for brightening my own.

4.     Give Yourself a Hug

 I totally realized that tip number four can seem super cheesy. So if you’ve never done this before just go with me here but the tip is to give yourself a hug. Hugs are very important and effective because they decrease stress hormones and release happy hormones at the same time and think about it. If your friend was feeling blue you’d probably give them a hug. So why not give ourselves a hug. I think we deserve that act of kindness towards ourselves so giving yourself a nice big bear hug  can be a really nice thing to do.

5.     Listen to Your Happy Music

Last but not least this tip always works wonders for me listen to your happy music what kind of music. Do you love to listen to you when you’re feeling good and happy or what kind of bands come to mind putting on that music will brighten your mood very fast because you associate it with feeling good and happy. So whenever you hear it, you’ll start to remember that feeling for me. Lately I’ve been listening to yawn. He is a musician from Iceland and also the lead singer of the band sigur rós and the music he makes is just really really special. It’s so beautiful to me or I love to listen to joe hisashi. He is a Japanese composer and he also wrote all the music to all the Studio Ghibli films which I also love and these kinds of music have the power for me to boost my mood.

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