Guide for Evening Meditation to be Relaxed and Pleasant

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                In this article we will discuss how to do guided evening meditation and sweet meditation practice will be great to do after a long busy day or day at work to help you transition into the relaxing part of the evening or even before going to bed. This meditation practice will help you to slow down to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Instructions for Evening Meditation

  1. Take your time get into a comfortable position.
  2. Now slowly and gently close your eyes. It will help you solace yourself.
  3. Find a nice position where you can sit comfortably upright in the spine.
  4. Tuck your chin a little bit so that your neck is also a straight extension of the spine and when you have it see if you are forcing anywhere in your body and if so relax.
  5. Feel every part of your body resting comfortably on the one below. You don’t have to sit perfectly or ace this meditation that time of day is over. You can just enjoy this time for yourself and relax begin to notice your breath on an in-breath.
  6. Feel your heart lifting upward and on your out-breath.
  7. Relax the shoulders down. We’ll soften through the jaw soften the skin of the face by focusing on our breath. We can guide us back to us and become aware in the present moment. So relax your neck and your shoulders. Let your shoulders fall downward while sitting nice and tall calming the nervous system.
  8. It is time to start to let go of all the thoughts and impressions you’ve experienced throughout your day time, to let go of any stress or tension in your body and anything that’s not serving you at this moment to do this.
  9. Take some slow deep easy breaths by yourself, all the way into your lower belly breathing, new cleansing air and breathe out any stress or tension.
  10. Now take a moment to find a super relaxing position. It doesn’t matter what it is. You can just lie down on your back or on your stomach using the hands as a pillow or you can completely sink it’s your chair or couch anything that feels good to you and that feels soft and supported. Take a moment to get there. We’ll hang out here for the rest of our time.
  11. When you have it continue to breathe calmly and slowly breathing in new fresh air and breathing out allowing all the muscles in your body to completely just relax with each out breath.
  12. Feel your body relaxing letting go of all tension and frustrations.  You can imagine lying on the beach in the sand and with every out breath feel your body sinking into the sand of it relish. In this feeling of your body being completely supported and hopeful for you.
  13. Now if the eyes still closed, bring your attention back to the room, your surroundings.
  14. Slowly start to move your fingers and your toes take one last deep breath and in your own time open your eyes.

Bottom Line

    Life is so hard to live. We face a lot of problems here and it is out of of our reach to solve them. So relaxing yourself is necessary to manage our problems. Meditation is therefore is a key to be happy and hopeful.

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