Corona virus In China is Spreading Everywhere in the World

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    What is corona virus? There are many corona viruses found in animals but about six are known to affect humans, the strain discovered in Wuhan. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province People’s Republic of China has been found to cause severe lung disease. The first reported human infections were among people who visited the seafood and meat wholesale market in the city. It has since been closed by health officials only a block away from one of Wu Hans major train stations. The market reportedly sold a range of animal meat including peacocks, koalas, Chinese giant salamanders, masked palm civets and bamboo rats. The location as well as the timing of the outbreak are causing great concern. Wuhan is a major transport hubin central China and the spike in cases started just ahead of a massive travel rush in the Lunar New Year.


        It is known as the most significant annual migration of people on the planet in China where the corona virus outbreak began there have been more than 4535 cases and 106 deaths as of today in addition to the claims in the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Macau, Singapore Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, France, Germany, Vietnam, Nepal and Sri Lanka have all confirmed travel related cases in their respective countries. Health officials suggested that people who contract corona virus might be able to spread the disease before they develop symptoms face masks which covers the face and protects you from breathing and dangerous particles have been flying off the shelves and I myself can’t find one in the store or online a newly identified corona virus that emerged in the city of Wuhan in central China is now known to be transmittable between people. 

Death Toll

      There have been the number of deaths reported in hundreds of infections around the country and the number of confirmed cases outside China is growing doctors are reminding patients to avoid crowds as well as contact with animals if possible after touching services in public areas good personal hygiene should include washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water or at least a hand sanitizer a face mask may help but as demand rises some pharmacies are limiting purchase to a single box Hong Kong authorities have already ear marked two sites to service quarantine centers some health experts have suggested that the mortality and infection rate for the corona virus is for now less worrying that it was during similar outbreaks in the past but as the number of cases around the world continue to rise government and health professionals are preparing for the world officials from the top US public health agency said on Monday that 110 people around the country with a fever and respiratory illness have been placed under observation to determine if they have been infected with the China corona virus officials from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bottom Line

      CDC said the persons under investigation PU is came from 26 states and had all either traveled to the epicenter of the outbreak Wuhan or had come into contact with confirmed infected patients the number will only increase Nancy the senior director of the CDC’s National Center for immunization and respiratory diseases said in an agency briefing but the immediate health risk of the pneumonia like illness known as 2019 and Co V to the US public remain low she said at this time in the US. This virus is not spreading in the community.

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